Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machine

MF-I Multi-functional Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machine

Product's Name:MF-I Multi-functional Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machine

Product Intro:
I. Product Structure and Feature
1. This machine adopts automatization control and vacuum negative (positive) pressure technology with steel frame structure, exchangeable worktable, compact structure, beautiful appearance as well as easy and safe operation. With small covering area, it has no special requirement for workshop and infrastructure. The personnel can get relevant technology directly after short-time training.     
2. Wide application: The machine can realize the optimum design without the restriction of board quality, surface structure and shape. One box can overlay several work pieces.
3. High production efficiency, low labor intensity, short production period, small investment and quick effect. At the same time, the one machine can manufacture several products.
4. Stable technology, big surface-sticking intensity, clean component surface.
II. Product Specification and Technical Parameter
Name: Vacuum Plastic Absorbing Machine  Outside Size: 6670×1768×1220(mm)
Power Supply: four-wire 380/220v        Power:    KW(According to different equipment model)
Control and Driving Method: Automatic and Manual
III. Performance and Feature of Plastic Absorbing board
1. Performance
 (1) High waterproof performance: The sample was water-tight in water (30cm high) for 24 hours.
 (2) Anti-pollution. For all kinds of dirty, it can be cleaned up and bright as before.
 (3) Good anti-combustion performance and bond performance, high strength as well as no fall off.
 (4) Anti-corruption and anti-high temperature. With the various kinds, they can be used at different environment.
 (5) Rich of noble and elegant design, the decorating surface has several visual effect, such as “bright light and dull bright light”. And it need not painting.
2. Application scope
 (1) Door & Window Series: European-style door, Chinese-style door, door (window) frame, buckled board as well as all kinds of bottom line and pressed-line.
 (2) Furniture Series: Tabletop, table-board, cabinet door and complete kitchen.
 (3) Deformed decorating component for car and boat as well as the making of sound box.
3. Operation Feature:
 (1) Easy operation. You can install them on site without keel frame, so it will save the purchasing fee for electrical tool and the relevant materials.
 (2) It will short the operation period and reduce the labor intensity of worker.
 (3) It can save paint and 70% woodworking fee.
After purchased the equipment, our company will take responsibility for trainning technical personnel until he can get the skill.
There are many professional technical personnel in our company, they will offer consultation about the equipment and technology as well as technical training on site for free. And they will go to your factory for installation and testing for free.
Welcome you to our company for a site visit, we will service for you sincerely.


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